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Distance Pong Throw Challenge

Tag your video with #trixshot so we can keep track and keep everyone updated on distance to beat!

Example video of 120 inches


The longest ping pong ball throw into a red party cup.  Deadline is May 1st at 11:59pm Central Standard Timezone. 


1. Must use standard ping pong/table tennis ball. It is spherical, with a diameter of 40mm.

2. Must use standard 12 oz. red plastic party cup. No taller than 5 inches(127mm) and no wider than 4 inches (102mm).

3. Entire shot must be captured from a single camera view being thrown, flying through air, and then landing inside cup.  Multiple camera angles can be used but one portion of the video requires the trixshot being completed from a single angle.

4. Water in cup is allowed. Ball must land in the cup and stay in the cup for it to qualify.

5. Cup must not be taped, glued, nailed or secured to the ground in anyway. Cup surfaces must not be secured to any other another surface in any way.  The only technique to insure cup does not move, is by adding water.

6. No bouncing or use of backboards to assist the shot.

7. Measuring tape must run from the thrower all the way to the cup. Measure the cup location where it starts, not where it ends.

8. Proving the shot is just as important as making it. Making the shot and proving the shot must all be done in a single take (no editing). Make the shot and then grab your camera/phone and start filming entire measuring tape while walking with numbers being visible. Showing the final number and where the cup meets it is crucial. Practice this before landing your furthest shot!

9. Throwers front foot, must touch end of measuring tape. Measuring tape must run past cup, with the front of the cup being the measurement for distance. Tape does not have to touch red party cup.

10. If you need two measuring tapes, slow down where both of them meet and show how you connected them after making your shot. 2-3 sec of this will suffice. 

11. Tag video with #trixshot so we can showcase who has the furthest shot so far!

12. Submit your video link in form below to help us keep track.

This is a challenge to show off your skills and creativity.  Have fun, challenge your friends, and enjoy this time being at home with family, friends, and loved ones.


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