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Relic #0006

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Own a piece of trick shot viral history. These relics will continue to evolve in views and value as time passes. Review the stats of this specific shot and media proof. Enjoy them as a fan, investor or any other reason.

Type: Ping Pong Trick Shot

Performer: TrixshotSam

Signed: Yes

Verified Video Proof: Yes

Live Performance: Yes

Date Completed: 1/31/23

Performer Note: This is the 6th Trixshot Relic ever created. This was filmed infront of a live audience.



TikTok Videos - 432,000 Views

TikTok Live - 456,000 Views

Instagram Reel - 366,000 Views

YouTube Shorts - 18,000 Views

Facebook Reels - 1,500,000 Views

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